HACC Immigration Services

R 7 500

(Additional costs can occur depending on the case of the student/ client)

R 9 500 

(Additional costs can occur depending on the case of the student/ client)

R 7 500 

(Additional costs can occur depending on the case of the student/ client)

Minimum of R 9 500

(Additional costs can occur depending on the case of the student/ client)

Critical Skills VISA R 9 500
(Additional costs can occur depending on the case of the student/ client)

Cultural Exchange VISA  R 10 500 

(Additional costs can occur depending on the case of the student/ client)

Residence Permit R 15 500 

(Additional costs can occur depending on the case of the student/ client)

We offer the immigration service in co-operation with a private  immigrations service agent, to ensure that the process is transparent and professional. Clients should share their requests through a consultation and by filling in the application form. Through the consultation we get to understand the nature of the service needed by our clients/students and its scope. Our immigration agent needs all the important and relevant information concerning the client/student in order to advise the most suitable solution or service.

We will be responsible to guide the client/student on the best path for them to obtain their Permit/VISA and how much the service will cost including any additional costs that might be involved. HACC together with our immigration’s agent will provide a quality service and will be in touch about any updates on the client’s/ Student’s application and outcome regarding it.


A unique AI based assessment which provides a time and cost effective analysis of reading with immediate and fully objective results.

How it works

The computer based assessment monitors a student’s spontaneous eye movement whilst reading, to quickly evaluate how effectively all the complex processes of cognition involved in reading work together.

The eye movement pattern is then analyzed by AI which gives an objective result over the reading. The model measures natural reading in its entirety. In addition to the AI analysis, separate values are given for reading speed and reading comprehension. The computer models
are based on several years of research at Karolinska Institutet. (The institute that selects the Nobel laureates
in Physiology and Medicine).

The result is published in a web portal where you see the result clearly at group and individual level. In this way, the individual teacher can see which students need support or challenges while at the overall level you can use the results portal for the systematic quality work.

Lexplore provides individualized recommendations for each student based upon their assessment results and particular reading level. These recommendations have been prepared and reviewed by special educators, speech therapists and teachers.

We recommend all children are tested at least twice during the academic year. As Our assessment takes only a of few minutes to complete, making it convenient to retest and detect even minor percentile changes. This enables schools to easily monitor reading progress, make powerful meaningful comparisons, and ensure interventions are having the intended impact.

Brochure is available in English, French, and Portuguese, Click link below to download brochures:




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Medical Aid Cover For International Students

The South African Department of Home Affairs (SADHA) requires Proof of Medical cover registered with the SA Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998 and paid for the duration of studies annually.

Proof of membership is required for the study visa application and prior to registration at HACC.

Students are strongly advised to read the contents of their medical aid carefully and deal directly with the provider.

Please note that HACC is not affiliated to any medical aid provider.

Comp Care 6 months Medical Cover: R 3 500
Comp Care 12 month Medical Cover: R 6 500

CompCare Student Application Form 2021 


Momentum 6 months Medical Cover: R 3 500
Momentum 12 months Medical Cover: R 6 500


When submitting the completed application, please be sure to include the following:

1)Copy of Passport

2)Letter of Acceptance into school/institution

3)Application form – Compcare Wellness/Momentum 

4)Proof of Payment – International students are required to belong to a medical aid in order for their study visa to remain valid – you will need to pay the full amount upfront for the term you will be studying. 

Below are the list of payment options:

1. Pay face to face at the college: Cash, Credit Card or Debit Card

2. Pay Via Yoco Payment Link with Debit Card or Credit Card.

3. Pay Via EFT-Hospitality and Commercial College Banking Details:

First National Bank Account: 6275 4004 324
Reference: Student name and surname

Branch Code: 250 655

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Address of FNB Bank: 82 ADDERLEY STREET, CAPE TOWN, 8000


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